Professional Designers are deeply interested in the cultural, political, technological, and creative context of their field. You are to design and develop the identity extended to a broad set of communications for a compelling conference for industries in tech, design, and education. 
Breaking Boundaries
Design Methodology
Five E's
By using the five e's method, I was able to see what touchpoints are needed to create a memorable, enjoyable conference experience. Breaking the stages down into excite, enter, engage, exit, and extend, helped me understand what each touchpoint did to enhance the user's experience.
Word Clouds
The idea of inclusion was important to this conference from the very beginning. In order to go beyond some cliches, and exploring naming ideas, I created a word cloud. This helped me generate ideas about inclusion, without saying inclusion. 
I also did a word cloud around design systems. This is a design conference, focused on design methodology. Although I didn't go in this direction for the name of the conference, it still helped me wrap my head around design systems and how they would be incorporated into the theme and concept of the conference.
Here I explored how to show inclusion in a logo. I looked at different symbols and how they represent inclusion. In the end, I wanted to show different pieces coming together to form the name if the conference: Difference. After having an idea of what I wanted to do with the logo, I generated ideas for a poster to see how the concept would start to form.
Our unique attributes are what bring us together as human kind. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Let’s design differently to give everyone a memorable experience. 
Color Palette
Pink love and kindness
Purple unique, transformation, and exotic
Dark Purple wisdom and bravery
Light Purple light-heartedness
Red passion, intensity, excitement
This 18x24 poster is the main touchpoint in this project. It's sent out to all conference attendees before the conference, so they can learn more about it and get excited. The poster folds (on the dotted lines), the two horizontal folds create a reveal of the logo on the opposite side. The three vertical folds create a gate fold. When the attendee first gets the poster it will be like a booklet.
Banners advertising the speakers and their talks will be placed around the venue. When the speaker is having their talk, the banner could be placed outside of the room. This help attendees gain familiarity with the speakers and generates excitement. 
Postcards would be sent out to potential attendees to remind them the conference is coming up and to buy their tickets. On the back, there is a QR code that leads users to the ticket page on the website. The postcard were done in a set of three in order to create a collection.
Some other physical touchpoints that would be used at the conference include t-shirts, name badges, phone cases, and buttons. The name badges would be offered two ways, on a lanyard and on a clip, so attendees can be comfortable wearing it. The name badges would also be very helpful if networking. 
Check out the functional prototype of the conference website.

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