Project Context
Professional Designers are deeply interested in the cultural, political, technological, and creative context of their field. You are to design and develop the identity extended to a broad set of communications for a compelling conference for industries in tech, design, and education. Difference is a hypothetical design conference that focuses on inclusivity, advancement, breaking boundaries, and design methodology. 
Word Clouds
These helped me go beyond some of the cliches around inclusion and diversity and come up with a name for the conference. Along with that, I was able to begin to wrap my head around how design systems would be included in the conference. 
Logo Development
Here I explored how to show inclusion in a logo. I looked at different symbols and how they represent inclusion. In the end, I wanted to show different pieces coming together to form the name if the conference: Difference.
Primary Logo
Secondary Logos
Five E's
By using the Five E's method, I was able to see what touchpoints are needed to create a memorable, enjoyable conference experience for attendees.
Poster Development
Conference Poster
This 18x24 poster is the main touchpoint in this project. It's sent out to all conference attendees before the conference, so they can learn more about it and get excited. The poster folds (on the dotted lines) into a booklet, the two horizontal folds create a reveal of the logo on the opposite side, which is paired with a gate fold.
Speaker Banners

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