Identify a product design flaw and fix it. Add value to the product through the package design. Collaborate with a student from the Product Design Engineering Technology Program to design and make a better package.
Competitive Audit & Journey Map
User Interviews
Talia Platte
“I don’t mind the packaging but I always struggle to pick a brand since there are so many options.”
Angela Mitchell
“I didn’t think the packaging was a problem, but the I grabbed the lightbulbs from the closet to test, and they fell out seconds after.”
Denise Dunning
“Quite frankly, it’s a b**** to get the light 
bulb out.”
SME Interview: Kevin Johnson
What do you think about modular packaging that would make storing light bulbs easier.
“I think ten to twenty years ago it would’ve been perfect. But now LED light bulbs exist and have ten times the lifetime of a normal light bulb, so people are buying less light bulbs than before."
Have you ever struggled with getting a light bulb out of the box?
“Yes I have, which you wouldn’t expect. I am never concerned about the safety of the light bulbs though since they’re not made of glass anymore. Some of my friends have arthritis and having so small of a space to grab the bulb is not efficient for them.”
What do you think about the look of the packaging?
“I’m not a person who’s ever really concerned with the look of a package, so I think that the design is okay. It tells me the information I need to know about a bulb nowadays. However, I don’t like how long it takes me to grab a box since they all look the same.”
Product Sketches
Design Sketches
Design Iterations
The Label
3D Renderings
Social Media
"Working with Sienna and Mackenzie truly showed me another side of design that I haven’t dove too far into."
"We were all bouncing ideas off of each other constantly and I truly believe we came out with a great product due to our cooperation."
Mackenzie (Me)
"With all of us working as a cohesive unit, we were able to create an amazing packaging solution for light bulbs."

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